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About The Journal

Journal of Agronomy Research (JAR) is an international Open Access, Peer-Reviewed journal devoted to the field of agronomy. It covers a wide range of topics including crop management, crop production, soil science, grazing and foraging, pasture management, and genomics of agronomic specimens. The journal provides an open platform for the latest research and discussion on current topics related to plant protection, soil management, crop rotation, fertilization, climatology, soil conservation, and water management. The journal also covers the impacts of climate change on agronomy and its agricultural sectors. 


The primary goal of the journal is to publish the most authoritative, up-to-date, relevant, and quality research in the field of agronomy. By providing a platform for cutting-edge research and innovation, the journal aims to support sustainable development and increase food production and safety in a changing climate. Open Access Pub publishes the Journal of Agronomy Research, providing a broader access to the research, publications, and discussions taking place in the field.

About Journal of Agronomy Research
  • It is launched in the year of 2017
  • JAR published articles at Archives
  • ISSN of the JAR is 2639-3166
  • DOI for the articles published in JAR arises with 10.14302/issn.2639-3166
  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


Scope of JAR:

Crop science
Soil science
Precision agriculture
Integrated pest management
Renewable energy in agriculture
Climate change and agriculture
Environmental impacts of agriculture

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 

Submission Process:

All submissions can be done at our Online Manuscript Submission System. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission. If you have difficulty in filling the online form, you can also send us via e-mail as an attachment to the Editorial Office or “chat with us” by clicking the blue button at the left corner of the page.


Instructions to Prepare your article:

In this journal, we published research articles and comprehensive reviews that reflect advances in all topics, methods, and products related to agronomy. To ensure high quality, the journal maintains a rigorous review process and encourages authors to follow the journal’s policies and ethical standards. Prospective authors should review our Instructions for Authors before submitting their work. Research articles should follow the IMRaD format and must be original, unpublished contributions that contain sufficient detail to allow evaluation of the journal's criteria for originality, utility, and accuracy. Reviews should focus on original, relevant topics and provide an in-depth analysis of the research within the scope of the journal.

Formatting guidelines can be found at Instructions for Authors


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